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Natural Swimming Ponds


Are you thinking of installing a traditional in-ground swimming pool at your home?  Maybe you already have a traditional in-ground swimming pool that you rarely use.  Are you tired of the harmful chemicals, expense and constant maintenance required for your traditional in-ground swimming pool?  Let Back to Nature Ponds create or even transform your existing pool into a beautiful, self-sustaining, natural swimming pond.  Your natural swimming pond will have clear water without using chlorine or other harmful chemicals.  It relies entirely on the plants to condition the water, so the water never needs changing.  The possibilities are endless for your natural swim pond design.


Natural Swimming Ponds (also sometimes called “green pools” or “organic pools”) are fairly common in European countries, but they are rapidly gaining popularity here in the United States.  The growing trend in recent years has been building swimming pools that work with nature and blend into the natural landscape.  Natural swimming ponds use rocks and gravel in the place of concrete or fiberglass.  Instead of using harmful chemicals and complicated mechanical filtering systems, aquatic plants keep the water clean and clear and provide a beautiful border around your natural swimming pond.  The plants also enrich the pond with oxygen, support beneficial bacteria that consume debris and potentially harmful organisms, and give habitat to frogs, dragonflies and other water life.  The result is a beautiful, natural-looking, self-sustaining swimming pond that looks like it was created by Mother Nature


Natural swimming ponds require no harmful chemicals, are fairly low-tech, and once established, call for only minimal maintenance.  You won't have to drain your natural swimming pond and cover it each winter, like you would with a traditional swimming pool.  Except for occasionally topping it off with a little water to compensate for normal evaporation, you'll fill the natural swimming pond only once.  For even less maintenance, you can also opt to install an automatic water fill valve to take care of this for you.

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