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Welcome to Back to Nature Ponds!  My name is Jeff Davis.  I built my very first pond at my home approximately 14 years ago and have been hooked on the water garden lifestyle ever since!!


I do not consider myself to be a "one-system certified installer", as I have found that there are many great systems available.  Each system may have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the project at hand.  I feel it is best to let the requirements for the project dictate the equipment and/or system to be used.


Creating beautiful, natural-looking water features that mimic what is found in nature is my passion.  Your water feature will be created entirely with natural rocks and boulders taken right out of nature.  Since no two rocks or boulders are exactly alike, each and every water feature built by Back to Nature Ponds will be an original creation like none other, anywhere else in the world.  That's right!  Your water feature will be one-of-a-kind! So stop "pondering" whether you should get a water feature and call us today to dive into the lifestyle!!

Professional Resume & Activities

Helix Life Support Authorized Contractor

Member The International Professional Pond Companies Association (IPPCA) 2012

Aquascape, Inc.'s Advanced Build-A-Pond Day

December 2011

Brian Helfrich, Ed Beaulieu, Jeff Davis, Greg Wittstock a/k/a The Pond Guy


I attended Aquacape, Inc.'s Advanced Build-A-Pond Day in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Contractors from all over participated in this rebuild of an existing pond that was leaking. It was also discovered that this pond had a pump that was installed incorrectly by a one-system certified installed. The build included seaming liner together to repair the leak, redoing some of the rock work and adding a stream and bog filter.

Aquascape, Inc.'s Pondemonium® 2012

August 2012

In August of 2012, I traveled to Chicago, Illinois to participate in Aquascape, Inc.'s Pondemonium® 2012, the water garden industry's premier educational and networking event!  Pondemonium® offers the opportunity to learn from the best-of-the-best in the pond industry as you attend classroom workshops, and get your hands dirty with hands-on pond construction sessions.  Aquascape, Inc. also treats you to an educational pond tour where you'll see a variety of construction techniques evident in water features installed by Aquascape throughout the suburbs of Chicago.


November 7, 2012

I attended the International Pond Professional Company Association's INFO TANZA™ that was held in Orlando, Florida, on November 7, 2012.  The IPPCA is the Not-for-profit (501(c)6) Pond and Waterscape Industry's Official Trade Association. The IPPCA promotes the global Pond and Waterscape industry through their annual INFO TANZA™, the world's largest event dedicated exclusively to cutting edge products, technologies, business strategies and education on an industry wide level.

Aquascape, Inc.'s Advanced Build-A-Pond Day

March 20, 2013

I attended Aquascape's Advanced Build-a-Pond Day in Quail Hollow.  Contractors from all over participated in this new construction of an approximately 40' x 10' x 6' deep pond with a wetland filter, and a couple of waterfalls spilling from the wetland filter into the pond. This project called for some really large boulders that weighed approximately 3,000-4,000 lbs. each.

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Quail Hollow Advanced Build-a-Pond Day

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